Вы всё по́няли? 7.7 Пое́здка Ке́йтлин

Упражне́ние 1 Как в те́ксте?

Complete each sentence with the appropriate phrase.

1. Caitlin…
а. was dropped at the airport by Rimma Yur'evna on her way to work.
б. was dropped at the airport by Marat Azatovich on his way to work.
в. was taken to the airport by the Abdulovs, who were going on a business trip.
г. was taken to the airport by the Abdulovs, who were going on vacation.
2. Caitlin was worried, because...
а. Russian pilots are afraid of the snow.
б. it had started snowing in the morning.
в. a blizzard started in the early morning.
г. she was afraid to fly in cold weather.
3. The Abdulovs ...
а. left for vacation on schedule.
б. found their plane was delayed.
в. slept at the neighbors' that night.
г. helped Caitlin reschedule travel.
4. Caitlin's flight ...
а. was not out of the Kazan' airport.
б. was earlier than her hosts' flight.
в. was later than her hosts' flight.
г. left, but Caitlin missed the plane.
5. Caitlin ...
а. arrived in Cincinnati in the evening and had a quick drive home.
б. arrived in Frankfurt in the evening and drove home from there.
в. arrived in the U.S. at 1:00 in the morning and then drove home.
г. arrived in Cincinnati in the evening and then had a long drive home.

Упражне́ние 2. Arriving and Leaving

In this episode there are a number of motion verbs that convey either arriving (with the prefix "при-") or leaving (with the prefix "у-"). Listen to each sentence and choose the category Arrived (got to) or Departed (left for) depending on the information conveyed.

1. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
2. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
3. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
4. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
5. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
6. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
7. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
8. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
9. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
10. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
11. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)
12. Arrived (got to) Departed (left for)

Упражне́ние 3. Что на карти́нке?

Listen to the sentence and choose the picture that best describes it.

1. depart arrive
2. depart arrive
3. arrive depart
4. arrive depart
5. depart arrive
6. arrive depart
7. depart arrive
8. depart arrive