Panorama from the Neva River in Petersburg Novokosino station of Moscow Metro Architectural detail on wooden house in Irkutsk View of Yaroslavl' from the Volga River The dragon Zilant, symbol of Kazan'

Photos courtesy of Anton Abramov, Emil Kabanov, Danila Medvedev, Routard05, seseg_h

Welcome to Между нами: An Interactive Introduction to Russian!

Между нами is a web-based “textbook” of Russian language and culture. It is organized around the stories and experiences of four American students who spend an academic year in the Russian Federation.  Each student lives and studies in one of four different Russian cities, and all four students experience university life. However, they also interact with host families or roommates, learn about the cities they live in, and travel within Russia.  The four students’ encounters with citizens of the Russian Federation, and the emails and text messages they send to one other and to friends, allow users of Между нами to see and experience the diversity and commonalities in different regions of today’s Russia. 

This site is still in development and it should become publicly available in July 2015.

Creative Team

Между нами is being created by Lynne deBenedette (Brown University), William J. Comer (Portland State University), Alla Smyslova (Columbia University) and Jonathan Perkins (University of Kansas). Web development services are being provided by the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center at the University of Kansas.

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