Вы всё по́няли? 3.7 Где они́ живу́т?

Упражне́ние 1

Match each sentence start with an accurate ending. Mouse over the correct answer.

1. Josh lives In Moscow in Irkutsk.
2. Amanda is a student In Tatarstan in St. Petersburg.
3. None of the students is studying in Moscow. In Irkutsk
4. Caitlin is currently living in Tatarstan. In Moscow
5. Yaroslavl' is located In Petersburg on the Volga river.
6. The Neva is a river in Petersburg. In Irkutsk

Упражне́ние 2. Э́то верно и́ли неве́рно?

Listen to each statement, then decide if it is true or false. Mouse over the correct answer.

1. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
2. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
3. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
4. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
5. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
6. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
7. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
8. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно
9. Э́то ве́рно Э́то неве́рно

Упражне́ние 3. Dictionary form or "где" form?

The text contains a number of places names: cities, states, rivers – and of course country names. Below are the names exactly as they appeared in the text. Review the text to help you decide which forms below are dictionary forms – that answer the question "what?" – and which are "где" forms that follow a preposition expressing "at" / "in" / "on."

Form that appears in the text что?
(dictionary form)
(says where)
1. Санкт-Петербу́рге что? где?
2. Каза́ни что? где?
3. Во́лге что? где?
4. Яросла́вль что? где?
5. Татарста́не что? где?
6. Ирку́тске что? где?
7. Ангара́ что? где?
8. Ирку́тск что? где?

Упражне́ние 4. Росси́йская Федера́ция и её города́

How well do you know Russian geography? In this section you will begin working on how Russians express locations in answer to the question "Где?" or "Где нахо́дится?" You will need to work on your ability to understand the dictionary forms of Russian place names correctly.

Listen as you hear read the names of Russian cities and then locate them on the map below. To check to see if you found the right city, click on the number used to label it on the map. Note that you can use the scrollwheel on the mouse to zoom in and out, and can move the map within the window by clicking and dragging.

Click here to see the map in a larger size.

Како́й но́мер?
1. 4 9 14
2. 5 10 15
3. 1 6 11
4. 7 12 17
5. 6 11 16
6. 2 7 12
7. 7 12 17
8. 5 10 15
9. 6 11 16
10. 3 8 13
11. 4 9 14
12. 4 9 14
13. 5 10 15
14. 6 11 16
15. 2 7 12
16. 3 8 13
17. 8 13 18
18. 8 13 18

Упражне́ние 5. Светла́на Бори́совна нехорошо́ зна́ет шта́ты США.

Josh has traveled quite a bit in the U.S. and is showing Svetlana Borisovna some pictures. He has learned from experience that he needs to pronounce U.S. state names "the Russian way" if he wants to be understood easily.  Listen to each of his sentences and mouse over the U.S. state that he mentions.

Map of the USA

Image courtesy of Wikipedia (with modifications)

1. Iowa Idaho Indiana
2. Maryland Massachusetts Rhode Island
3. Minnesota Nevada New York
4. Oregon Iowa Ohio
5. Kansas Kentucky Arkansas