For Instructors

Program Components

  1. An online, mobile-friendly textbook located at mezhdunami.org, which provides the story line, vocabulary, grammatical explanations and cultural context. The textbook features extensive illustrations, comprehension checks, mouse-over glosses and audio recordings to aid in the learning the language.
  2. A set of printed Рабо́та в аудито́рии (Classroom Activities), which provide opportunities for face-to-face practice in pairs and small groups. These activities can be downloaded for free or purchased in a pre-printed version through Jayhawk Ink.
  3. A set of printed Дома́шние зада́ния (Homework Assignments), which allow students to apply the new material that they have practiced in class. For AY 2015-2016 these activities are available to adopters of the book in PDF format. Аudio files to accompany the listening comprehension activities are provided on the Mezhdu nami website under the Аудио tab.
  4. The textbook and homework audio recordings can be used online, downloaded from SoundCloud, used online or used within the free SoundCloud mobile app along with illustrations and the complete text.
  5. A growing number of study sets provided through Quizlet that allow students to practice new vocabulary in a variety of ways, including flashcards with audio cues. Accessible online and through a free mobile app.